This week’s crazy reward deal comes from Aeroplan. But this one’s special. It’s a Star Alliance reward deal in oneworld turf 😱 !
Star Alliance members are spread across the world. We tend to forget about the importance of some non-Western carriers. I’m not referring to Singapore Airlines.

Turkish Airlines is the largest airline in terms of number of destinations. I wrote a piece about its African network and it will surprise most of you.

Turkish Airlines fleet
Turkish Airlines fleet

Aeroplan to Doha not Avios

As much as I love British Airways Executive Club and its Avios currency, crossing the pond a no-no. High fees are just killing the reward opportunity. Qatar Airways is on the same path as it’s been hiking its fees quietly. Paying $577.69 on a one-way reward ticket kills the purpose. Even a lower $365 with Royal Jordanian is still a high price.

So I turned to Aeroplan. Turkish Airlines serves Montreal 3 times a week: Sundays, Tuesdays & Fridays. Furthermore, it’s network is just impressive. The redemption is available.

Aeroplan award flight from Toronto YYZ

Turkish Airlines Aeroplan reward flight YYZ-DOH

Aeroplan award flight from Montréal YUL

Turkish Airlines Aeroplan reward flight YUL-DOH

This is a great reward deal. It gets you to Doha for the equivalent of an American Express Gold card bonus offer. Furthermore, the fee of $70.60 is totally reasonable. Turkish Airlines is one of Star Alliance carriers that does not charge high fees on its reward tickets with Aeroplan.

Also this example shows that even when an airport is dominated by an alliance or another, you still want to look at the carriers serving it. Although Turkish flies Doha 3-4 times daily, you can still get a great deal through Aeroplan and not the dominating oneworld alliance in DOH. Perception can be deceiving at first, always do your gut check and probe your options.

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