A new kid on the Canadian block

A new online service allows Canadians to pay rent using their favorite rewards credit cards. This new player is great news for travel hackers.

How does Get Digs work

RBC Ventures, a Royal Bank of Canada company, launched Get Digs to enable its members to pay rent with a credit card. Rent is the biggest monthly expense for most Canadians. Therefore, travel and rewards credit cards holders can get a lot of value back from paying their rent.

Let’s see how you can sign-up to the app and where lies the sweet spot for Canadians who are working towards their next free flight.

Sign-up to Get Digs

Signing-up to the online service is straightforward. New members enter their name, email address, phone number and a password.

Get Digs Renter Profile
Get Digs Renter Profile

Unit details

Once a new member receives the confirmation email, they need to fill in their unit details: address, unit number, city, postal code, amount of rent and payment date. Rent payment date has to be the same every month. Payment has to be processed between the 1st and the 28th on the month.

Mortgage payments, condo fees, commercial leases are not supported for now. Get Digs will honor rent payment from $400 to $5,500. If higher than $5,500, you’ll have to reach out to them at info@getdigs.io.

Get Digs Renter Profile Completion
Get Digs Renter Profile Completion

Landlord details

Next step is the landlord details: full name, email address and a secure transaction password you’ll share with the landlord.. Make sure you have entered the correct email address. Get Digs will send the landlord an eTransfer to his email as payment of the rent.

Get Digs Landlord Details
Get Digs Landlord Details

Payment Details

The last step is straight forward. Enter your credit card details and payment frequency. There’s a 1.5% transaction fee on for:

  • Visa cards;
  • Visa debit;
  • Mastercard;
  • A whopping 2.99% for American Express cards holders.

However, Get Digs does not apply a transaction fee if you use an RBC credit card. That’s where the sweet spot lies for travel hackers. We will look into that more in detail in the next section.

To know more about the program, please read the FAQ section. The site also features a chat bot.

No fee with RBC credit cards!

RBC credit card holders are spoiled. They do not pay any service fee on transactions. It’s a great leverage to earn more Avion points for Avion card holders. That means more Avios or AAvantage miles. With a monthly rent of $1,200, that’s an additional 14,400 Avion points on top of the card sign-up bonus points and the various RBC Rewards to Avios transfer bonus offers. Those bonus points can be had via product switches.

Some great reward flights can be had with British Airways Executive Club Avios. I’ve written about how an inexpensive US tour or how you can access a Qatar Airways Business Class flight.


If you happen to be a points hogger, RBC Visa card holder and a renter, then this is a great leverage to earn more points at no cost. Getting travel value back from your rent is a first in Canada thanks to GetDigs.

Will you use the application? Let us know on Amin On Miles Club.