The next world cup is in 2022. In terms of travel budget, that’s tomorrow. If you’re saving your hard earned money to fly to FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022 then check the match schedule: it’s out!

The FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022 schedule

The first game day is November 21, 2022. The final game is on December 18, 2022. Group games last 12 days, with 4 games daily and spread across 8 stadiums. The opning game will be at the iconic Al Bayt Stadium.


Financial tool I use to save for FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022

As you know, attending FIFA Qatar World Cup games is a once in a lifetime thing. The perspective of seing the best football teams play in wonderful venues is a source of motivation to save for it. But it doesn’t come cheap.

Therefore, I’m putting aside a bit of money every month in order to cover the cost of airfare, accomodation, food, shopping and tickets. My biggest source of concern is accomodation and being able to purchase tickets. Doha has some gorgeous hotels but what will be availabiity and pricing like. Those will be addressed in another post soon.

I use a Tangerine Tax-Free Savings Account. By saving $100 bi-weekly, I’ll reach my goal of $5,000 a few months before heading to Doha.

The savings calculator helps me visualize my savings goal and timeline. It’s based on 0.10% interest rate, however you can invest that money in a more growth mutual fund.

Do you think $5,000 are enough?

Tangerin savings calculator
Tangeriene savings calculator


I’ve posted the World Cup game schedule on the Facebook group The Road to FIFA World Cup Doha 2022. Please join the group if you want to share and learn more on how to prepare and get there with us.