Amazon Canada new credit card

Amazon Canada has finally launched a replacement card from the previous Chase Visa card. The new card has many interesting features we will look at one by one.

The new card is launched with TD (MBNA) and Mastercard. Let see the card’s features and benefits.

2.5% cash back on eligible purchases

2.5% back - Rewards Mastercard
2.5% back – Rewards Mastercard

Amazon Prime members will get 2.5% back on the following purchases:

  • Whole Foods Markets stores in Canada;
  • Foreign exchange transactions.

Card holders who are not Prime members will get only 1.5% back. All other purchase categories will earn 1% back for both Prime members and non-Prime members.

1% back - Rewards Mastercard
1% back – Rewards Mastercard

Introductory 5% cash back

Cardholders are offered an introductory 5% cash back on, Whole Foods stores in Canada, restaurants and other grocery stores in the first 6 months or up to $3,000 in spending. That’s $150 back in no time, which covers members Amazon Prime membership fees.

No annual fee
No-annual-fee – Rewards Mastercard

Indeed the card does not have an annual fee. This makes it really an interesting card to have as it will help offset members Amazon Prime annual membership fees.


For Amazon Prime members, this is a no brainer. If you shop at Costco in Canada the card makes even more sense. You can use the card on immediately upon approval.

You can apply for the Rewards Mastercard and share with us your thoughts.