Like last year, British Airways (BA) is giving its Executive Club members the opportunity to book reward flights at -50% & -25% of the required Avios points. Let’s look at the details of the offer.

50% Less Avios On Long Haul International Flights

Travellers who wish to burn their Avios on long haul international flights get a chance to only use of the required points.

Until October 13, 2020, BA is offering flyer to pay half of the points for travel until 30 Juine, 2020.

However, BA is known for it’s high fees on long haul reward tickets. So unless there’s a sense or urgency or a last-minute whim, then booking long haul reward tickets on BA metal is not really worth it despite the low number of required Avios.

Here are some of the least expensive one way examples I was able to find:

Toronto (YYZ) – London (LHR) : 6,500 Avios + $276
Montreal (YUL) – London (LHR) : 6,500Avios + $276
Montreal (YUL) – Amman (AMM): 12,750 Avios + $276
Calgary (YYC) – Amman (AMM): 16,750 Avios + $276

I did find a sweet spot. If you happen to be in Irland and wish to fly to Cairo then this one is for you to book:

Dublin (DUB) – Cairo (CAI) : 11,375 Avios only $67.70

For those who have an RBC British Airways Visa card in Canada, spending in October and November 2020 will earn 50% more Avios.

25% Less Avios On Short Haul Flights

The sweet spot of this offer lies in the short haul flights. Britisih Airways Executive Club strength lies in the European short haul flights. It’s a double benefit: low Avios required and low fees.

Here are some great booking opportunities:

London (LHR) – Istanbul (IST): 9,750 Avios + $1
London (LHR) – Warsaw (WAW): 8,250 Avios + $1
London (LHR) – Lisbon (LIS): 8,250 Avios + $1
London (LHR) – Warsaw (WAW): 8,250 Avios + $1
London (LHR) – Corfu (CFU): 9,750 Avios + $1


The sweet spot for this promotion lies in the short haul flights. Booking them is a low cost endeavour and despite the risks of border closure with Covid-19, it’s worth booking some flights for travel in the sprnig and summer of 2021.

Although flying out of Canada to London requires less Avios than an Euro flight despite high fees, $270 in fees on a one way is worth it if it’s a last minute want and as long as the return leg is done with Aeroplan or low cost paid air fare.