Canadians who are traveling across Europe in the summer time can buy their reward flights as early as now. British Airways (BA) has many sunshine destinations for a small amount of Avios miles and fees thanks to its loyalty program. London (LHR) is a popular destination for many Canadians and it can be a great hub as well to sunny destinations.

Avios fans will have 6 additional destinations from London Heathrow (LHR) starting this summer. Members can start booking from today. Flying out of Heathrow is very important for international passengers. They don’t need to head to Gatwick where most of the sun destinations fly out from or head to London City Airport.


Turkish Riviera cities Dalaman and Bodrum will be available to book from May 23 to October 24, 2020. However the flights are only on Saturdays.

Rewards flight are already available to Bodrum at 10,000 Avios + $27.50 in Euro Traveller & Club Europe (Economy & Business Class).

Rewards flight are already available to Dalaman at 8,500 Avios + $27.50 in Euro Traveller (Economy Class).


The Greek island of Rhodes is also a Saturday only service starting July 4 until August 29. it’s available to book with miles at 10,000 Avios + $27.50 in Euro Traveller or 20,000 Avios + $40 in Club Europe.


Flights to the Italian city will take-off on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays from July 2 to August 31. Reward flight in Economy are available for 7,500 Avios & $27.50 or 15,000 Avios & $40.


British Airways will connect to Kosovo and Montenegro on Saturdays from July 4 till August 29 from Heathrow (LHR).

Pristina (PRN) is available on reward flights at 10,000 Avios + $27.50 in Euro Traveller, while Podgorica (TGD) will cost 7,500 Avios + $27.50.


Remember Canadian travelers! You can earn British Airways Avios miles easily in Canada. Thanks to RBC and American Express cards you earn intra-European flights with BA. You have seen in this post how low taxes & fees are.

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