This is part 2 of my tips to save on travel in 2017. In part 1 I shared 4 tips: Stick to a single loyalty program, be flexible with your choice of airline, choose the right credit card, consider using your TFSA to fund your 2017 travels. Here are 4 other tips on how to save on travel in 2017 as a Canadian.

Avoid expensive countries

You know that our Canadian dollar is weak so avoid traveling to the US and Western Europe where the US dollar, the Sterling and the Euro will eat away your vacation budget. The exchange rate will bleed your highly taxed hard-earned weak loony. Be smart about whom you give your money to. Don’t spend C$9 on a metro ride in London!

Go to beautiful affordable countries

Put your Canadian dollar to good use. There as plenty of beautiful countries where the cost of living is lower than Canada. You will get a lot of value for your money and great cultural openness, basically a change from the usual Western stuff. These countries are in every continent: Hungary, Poland, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Argentina. These are only a few.

Buy a multi-destination ticket

It’s the right thing to do. Why? If you intend on visiting more than one city or country why not make a stopover or fly back from a second destination? Many airlines offer stopover options, i.e. British Airways allows for a complimentary London stopover. Qatar Airways does the same with a stop in Doha. Or you can book a flight to Rome and fly back from Amman. Pricing will not be significantly higher. More details in 4 reasons you should always book a stopover ticket.

If the price is right, buy it!

Don’t be greedy. Shopping online for the best airfare or hotel rate can be lengthy and can push you to wait for a lower price while you still browse. Just buy! If it fits your budget, buy it. Revenue management is a weird science don’t try to outsmart it.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on how prepare a trip or maximize your airline or hotel program.
Don’t forget that points and miles will take you places!