As Canadian travelers, we know that our currency is relatively weak against other OECD countries. Add to the high cost of airport fees, taxes and fuel surcharges we are hit with out of Canadian airports. But if you have a plan, these tips will help you travel more in 2017 with better savings on flights and hotels.

Stick to a hotel loyalty program that will reward your loyalty. When you stay at different hotels brands under a single hotel group (Accor, Hilton, Marriott, IHG) you will accumulate points under that same loyalty program. For that consolidated spend you will be rewarded with perks, elite status, VIP treats and bonus point offers that will give you faster those free nights. No need to check Trivago or Expedia, you will get the best price when you book direct with the hotel.

Be flexible with your airline choice. Airlines are part of alliances and do not always have the same pricing on same destinations. Look into your options, alliances allow travelers to accrue a specific carrier miles with other carriers i.e one can accrue British Airways Avios with AA, Iberia or Cathay Pacific. This enables consolidation of accrued miles and may get you Elite status.

Get the right credit card once you have set your travel objective. Choosing the right credit card will help you accelerate your miles or points accrual. If you want to subsidize your hotel stays some cards will help you with that, an appropriate airline branded credit card will get you far as well. Also most Gold and Platinum credit cards will cover your travel insurance for yearly fee of $140 on average.

Use your TFSA if you want to book your entire year’s travels. Most significant airlines and hotels discounts promotions are launched in January. So why not use some of your TFSA money to book your 2 or 3 trips of the year in January. Airline and hotel rates are discounted on to up to 35% with bonus points offers. The discount levels are worth it and you’ll have all year to put back that money in your TFSA account.