Hilton Honors new promotion is out and is called Go More Get More. This time you can double points on every stay. However, starting from the second stay. I can feel Marriott’s influence there, and I’m not a fan of that. Why not starting from the first stay? Really angers me.

Anyways, like any Hilton Honors promotion, you have to register.

The promotion stay period is May 6 until September 8, 2019.

Remember Hilton Honors new Elite Tier accrual bonuses apply on top the standard 10 base points earned per US$1 spent on stays:

  • Silver members receive a 20% bonus on base points;
  • Gold members get a 80% bonus on base points;
  • Diamond members get 100% bonus on base points;

Also you’ll get additional bonuses:

  • 10,000 points on the 10th stay;
  • 15,000 points on the 15th stay
  • 20,000 points on the 20th stay.
  • If you are a road warrior this is great news, these bonuses are cumulative. For example, if you complete 15 stays, then you’ll earn 25,000 bonus points: 10,000 points on your 10th stay + 15,000 points on your 15th stay.

    These bonuses add-up quickly and allow Hilton Honors members to get closer and faster to reward stays and Elite status perks. Hilton has a huge property portfolio that caters to your travel taste and life occasions. I have reviewed a few properties such as the DoubleTree Doha and the Trianon Palace Versailles, a Waldorf Astoria. The latter is the best hotel in Versailles and happens to be a the gates of the Chateau de Versailles’ Trianon Estates.

    Trianon Palace Versailles, a Waldorf Astoria
    Trianon Palace Versailles, a Waldorf Astoria


    I think this promotion is more attractive than its competitors. The main reason is that Hilton doesn’t impose on its Honors members to accrue bonus points starting at the second stay.

    Also, using your Amex Cobalt card can definitely grow your Hilton Honors balance faster.