As most countries struggle with Covid-19 infections, the shadow of a 2nd wave is already at the horizon. There is a great resource IATA has made available to travellers: the IATA COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map.


The interactive IATA COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map allows users to click on any country to review the latest Covid-19 travel advisories.

Each country has a colour. Dark blue being the totally restrictive – such as Argentina & Algeria – and light blue being the least restrictive – Egypt & Ukraine.

The data is aggregated by IATA Timatic. Information from airlines and government agencies allow Timatic to refresh the latest entry requirements. IATA Timatic is used by airlines and travel professionals to verifiy immigration, passport policies and regulations.

This is an interesting resource to see how the situation is evolving in specific countries you wish to travel to. It will help with deciding on when to book and avoid not getting a full refund with certain airlines.