In the context of Covid-19, Qatar Airways has an already very flexible booking policy. Passengers can ask for a full refund on their tickets or keep the voucher.

However, the airline is adding even more flexibility for the next 2 years. A move that will may allow the carrier to gain market shares.


Qatar Airways allows unlimited date changes and destination changes as often as needed as long as it’s within a 5,000 miles from of the original destination.

Wow! This is really impressive. But wait for it, there’s more to this.

The airline will not charge fare differences and will honor unlimited date changes for 2 years on ticket booked for travel by 31 December 2020!


Passengers who wish to exchange their ticket for a travel voucher will get an additional value of 10%. The voucher is valid 2 years as well.

Qatar Airways also offer to refund passengers to the original form of payment if the flight is cancelled.

Air France has a different approach to vouchers and refunds.


Earlier this month, the airline has shared a phased approach to resuming 52 destinations of its network flights in May and 80 in June! I personally think it’s way too early. Qatar itself is still struggling with the corona virus pandemic.

Swiss had done a similar announcement earlier this week with more than 90 destinations. This is overly optimistic in my opinion.

This pandemic crisis is far from over. Also, countries will not open their borders just because airlines are available to fly again.

We all wish to fly again, no question about that. But no all countries are dealing with covid-19 in the same manner. I don’t foresee any significant travel movement before spring 2021. I’d love to be wrong about this.