Last summer, we spent a week in Rome, Italy. I wanted to check Uber for rides from Rome city center to our hotel. I was shocked, Uber rates were double the taxi rates. At first, I thought it was a mistake or rush hour rate. I tried other itineraries.

Still rates were sky high. I like Uber. It’s shaking the taxi business out of its lethargic state across the world. It’s brought lower rates to regular people like you and me. So I use it whenever I need to.

We rode taxis instead a few times. We even encountered some very nice and chatty drivers. If you travel with your family, keep in mind that Italians love children. Taxis are no exception, they will treat you well if they see you with small children and the gear that goes with it.

Uber ride estimate in Rome
Uber ride estimate in Rome


Although Uber is a a definite no in Rome, I must say taxis do the job. If anyone know why Uber rates are not competitive, please share with us the reasons. If you had a different experience, please reach out.