Why do points matter to you?

Have ever said no to money? Not taking that cash back value is leaving money on the table. As a Canadian traveller make those points work for you.

In exchange for your loyalty and information, airlines and hotels will give you a cash-back value in the form of miles or points. They unable travelers to redeem reward flights or free hotel stays. So why not take them? Why are you leaving money on the table? I know it may sound complicated in some respect, but think of it as a game with rules. Once you figure them out you can start to play, avoid the traps and attain your objective in terms of free travel redemptions.

So here are 3 reasons you should accrue miles and points.

Reason 1: It's free

It doesn't cost you anything to sign-up for airline and hotel loyalty programs. Your information is as secure as with your credit card or any other service (cell phone, hydro). So sign-up with the airline and hotel brands that give you the most value in terms of network and price. Stick to them and make sure you take advantage of the accrual bonus offers. These offers come regularly as competition is fierce. This is good news for you the Canadian traveller. You know we pay a lot of taxes. So why not take the perks and VIP treatment can come in faster then you may think.


Reason 2: Travel doesn't come cheap

I don't know about you but travel is still expensive. Even though airfares are at their lowest historically, you still need to fork out at least $2,000 to cross the pond and stay somewhere. This is only the bare minimum: you have not eaten yet or paid for activities and entertainment. I have won't mention the super weak loonie which is a major hurt on most Western destinations for us.
So take the miles and points, they will come handy one day and save you in some cases $2,500 depending on what your travel taste . I cannot afford a $400/night hotel but I managed to stay at the Naka Phuket pictured below.

Naka, Thailand Throwback Week 🇹🇭 It's hard not to have fund memories of our stay at The Naka Island, A Luxury Collection Resort and Spa. It's an exclusive boutique resort off Phuket, a mere 10-minute speedboat ride to the island. We spent our time in the villa which has a private pool. Our privacy was respected and we felt isolated from the world in a true luxury setting. That feeling was one of the best ever at a hotel. We spent our 2 last nights in Thailand there. This was a reward stay (free) that was worth all of the miles I used for it. If you want to know how we did it, please DM me or reach out on my Facebook page. I recommend this resort anytime if you're travelling with your partner or family.

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Reason 3: Credit cards will boost your points balance

Did you know that airlines make more money selling miles to banks then selling seats? In Canada today you can find some excellent credit card bonus offers that will boost your miles or points balance. From there you can double-dip and accrue more via your monthly habitual spending (gas, bills, grocery). But be careful don't grow your organic spending for the sake of getting more points. Always pay your entire monthly balance. However if you're a fan of compound interest then your reward airfare to Miami will cost you $3,000 instead of $55.

So now you know what to do. As a Canadian traveler you can act on it, lower significantly your travel expenses while chasing those perks and VIP treatment. Don't hesitate to follow me and read my blog every week. I share with you accrual tips, some of my own travel experience and the deals out there.
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