It’s actually easy to create a child’s British Airways Executive Club account. There are some rules to abide by and I show you the steps to follow.

Consolidation does wonders

The British Airways Executive Club (BAEC) program allows families to create a household account in order to better manage its members information for future trips, but also to consolidate total Avios balance. As a result, family members can enjoy reward flights much faster.

I wrote about the loyalty scheme’s: 3 reasons why British Airways Executive Club is the best loyalty program for traveling Canadian households.

However, there is a perception that won’t die. It has to do with kids not being entitled to earn miles on paid airfare.

Can kids earn Avios miles?

Many think that an individual can only start earning frequent flyer miles from the age of 18. This is a mis-perception that sticks in the public opinion.

Let’s see all 4 passenger categories in the site:

  • Adults (16+ years);
  • Young adults (12-15 years);
  • Children (2-11 years);
  • Infants (under 2 years).

An infant does not get a seat. It sits on the parent’s lap in most cases and pays 10% of the airfare’s value. Therefore, it cannot earn Avios miles.

Adults and young adults do earn miles as they get a seat.

How about children between the ages of 2 and 11? Two things you need to know about this group:

  • They are old enough to get a British Airways Executive Club number (they can get a membership at birth);
  • They will earn Avios miles as they have to have a seat and will pay 90% of an adult airfare.

Finally here’s your answer: YES they can earn miles! The Head of the Household account can create the child’s account. Let’s see how this can be done.

How do I create my kid’s BA Executive Club account?

Here’s the step by step process to creating your child’s Executive Club account.

Step 1: Go to your Household account

Once you log into your BAEC account (top right hand side), on the the left-hand side column, click on the My Household Account link. Then click on Manage my Household account.

Household Account | BA Executive Club
Household Account | BA Executive Club

Step 2: Add new member

The link will allow you to add or erase Household members. Click on Add new member.

Edit your Household members | BA Executive Club
Edit your Household members | BA Executive Club

You will land in the Add member to Household Account page as shows below.

Add a Member - Household Account | BA Executive Club
Add a Member – Household Account | BA Executive Club

Since your child does not have an account number, check No to the question Is the person you are nominating a member of the Executive Club.

Then type your personal email and fill in the other sections: title, first name, last name, date of birth and gender.

Add child to Household Account | BA Executive Club
Add child to Household Account | BA Executive Club

Finally, you are all set. You’ll receive two confirmation emails from British Airways . One is for your child’s new BAEC account, the other one is to confirm your child has joined your Household account.


As a traveling family, you don’t want to miss opportunities to earn miles. The British Airways Executive Club program is one of the few that allow its members to have a Household account. For Canadians, the RBC British Airways Visa card will give a 10% discount on BA-operated flights.

As soon as your child reaches the age of 2, it’s eligible for an BAEC number. Therefore do it and help grow your Household account balance faster.

Did you know that? Does your child have a loyalty number? Share with us your experience on Facebook at Amin On Miles Club.